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All About Da Hood Trello Wiki & Guide 2022

All Roblox games come with an official Trello created by the developers to assist users in understanding the game’s fundamentals and learning about every aspect of the game.

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Demon Slayer Burning Ashes Trello

Demon Slayer Burning Ashes Trello Trello Introduction The Demon Slayer Trello provides information on the process of turning back to humans or turning into a demon food, a Level Chart, and more like Ninjutsu Summit Codes.


To obtain a passive, you need to speak about it with the Old Man, located in the Snowy Biome. Players can only obtain one passive. Demons and demon slayers can have diverse passives.

Unwavering Will

If your HP drops less than 30%, you perform an AOE that slams everyone in your vicinity and gains 30 percent damage resistance and a 1.3x bonus to damage.

Breathing Slashes

If your breathing rate is above 90%, you’ll be able to inflict additional injury (1.1x) for every m1 slash that leaves an extremely cool trail.

Breathing Tempo

Get five breaths per successful m1 Katana and 10% for the final slash. (You will accumulate more additional if you already own gourd improvement)

Enhanced Eyesight

Additional 0.3 seconds of PB period and 1/15 (6.7 percent) chance of deflecting Slash attacks when you utilize the Katana as an instrument (not movements).


You get a 1.1 damage buff and a 10 percent damage, resist maximum for 20 minutes every time you play a character (the buff is cumulative.

However, NPCs give you only an insignificant buff, which depends on the player’s level in relation to you. You can only gain the maximum buff when the players you killed are 7/10 of your level.) (The buff limit is 1.5x)

Lung Shot

M1s and M2s could cause lung injuries or prevent the person from breathing (the one with the higher likelihood).

Life Steal

Your m1 will give you an additional 3% of health if you hit the strike (m2 provides 5 percent).

Steel Skin

You stand a one-in-20 (5 percent) probability of deflecting the slash strikes, and you may also fight with katanas, and you aren’t affected by bleeding status any longer.


Hold G to breathe for mobile users. After learning how to breathe from an elder villager, reconnect, and you’ll find a breath button.

(Note: If you do not breathe even after filling the breathing bar, the trail of your breathing will be broken and will remain there for the rest of your life.)

Demons are also able to breathe and can train using gourds. Your breathing rate as a demon will be kept, and you will be able to use it when you’ve changed back to human. If you become a demon while being human, your breathing level can be reset.

All Demon Slayer Burning Ashes Breathing Style

In order to learn how to breathe, First, you must master breathing by talking to the elder villager and learn to breathe. (Requires 100 yen)

Level 20 allows you to make each move. Go to the level chart to determine which level you are at. Don’t ask staff members to verify your level. This isn’t very pleasant.

Of course, you must be a part of the demon slayer corps to learn the instructor’s skills.

All you have to do is locate Da Hood Trello Wiki & Guide 2022. It would be best if you visited the Roblox section on our website to find more information about games available on the platform.

Tips & Guides For Demon Slayer: Burning Ashes

The foremost step is to have to switch to Demon Slayer: Burning Ashes. After that, you ought to make and modify your character. You can create him as a brutal macho or a dark-skinned, strongman. All it takes is your preferences and imagination.

The game can be controlled with key combinations. Remember, you don’t have a weapon. You are unable to strike (you have to acquire swords at the beginning). Use not just attacking but also defensive strategies.

Combining attacks and blocking damages, and only this way can you develop into an experienced warrior. Don’t overlook maintaining a watch on your stamina bar because when it’s completely exhausting, you will not be able to strike.

How You Become A Demon In Demon Slayer: Burning Ashes

You can play not just as a warrior who kills demons but as a demon who hunts humans. To evolve a demon, you must be an undemon who offers you his blood.

FAQ On Demon Slayer Burning Ashes Trello

What is the most effective breathing method for demon slayers burning to ashes?

Insect breathing is regarded as among the top powerful breathing techniques due to its speedy abilities and ability to kill demons instantly.

What can power sense do in the demon slayer’s burning of ashes?

What exactly is Power Sense? The Power Sense skill is a skill (click P) that allows you to enter darkness mode. This lets you feel your soul’s presence and the spirit of another player if they are nearby.

Where can I find Katana demon Slayer burning to ashes?

Purchased from the Toriyama Village. You must be the Demon Slayer to buy. The Katana will come in random colors.

How do you find the earrings in hanafuda from the demon slayers in the form of burned ashes?

The hanafuda earrings appear only in the morning. They appear randomly across the map, and their locations change by the developers every so often. Earrings are 100% of being spawned during the day, and they disappear in the evening.

What is the most powerful breathing in the demon Slayer RPG 2?

Fire (Strong in terms of damage), Pretty difficult to obtain.
Thunder (Fast, Strong, Hard to gain.
Most (Very, very good damage)
Beast (Great for speed and damage)
Water (Combo god, simple to access, high damage)

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