Top 26 Best Arena 12 Deck in 2024 (Spooky Town)

Want to leave Arena 12 Decks and obtain Arena 13, also understood as Rascal’s hideout? Now you are in the hub of the game. For this reason, you are only required to master one deck.

It would help if you found the most helpful clash royale arena 12 deck for this. What to expect from Arena 12? You should know that gamers currently have seven more cards, including the Graveyard and tricky Skeleton Barrel. Currently, sit about and learn about the best Arena 12 decks.

Arena 12 is one of the most extreme contest platforms. Decks vary significantly, but you’ll understand the decks you can use here, particularly at higher levels. All you possess to do is pick the appropriate deck to be added complex.

You can do ample research for this, but I’ll try to finish it as easily as attainable. Now Let’s see the most relevant clash royale best deck for arena 12 concurrently.
Arena 12 is called Spooky Town, and You can reach Arena 12 by obtaining 3800 trophies.
Keep reading to see the adequate decks you can employ with the latest cards in Arena 12.


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Giant Skeleton Deck

Giant Skeleton Deck

Average Elixir Cost: 3.5

The giant skeleton is injured behind the new update of clash royale.
Clash royale raises the impairment marketed by the enormous skeleton’s dying result.

Consequently, you must constantly maintain a backup strategy if your skeleton-based process has been unsuccessful.

Princesses can employ it for aggression or protection. I operate it with my princess when I detect that the competition stumbles with the elixir. I transmit the princess, which can produce three or four blows to the tower, generating a good amount of demolition to the prince’s tower.

Good Arena 12 Decks – Pekka

Good Arena 12 Decks – Pekka

Average Elixir Cost: 4.3

The Pekka deck is excellent for competitions in clash royale.
My situation is that if your participant is a fisherman, it will pull him toward the prince’s tower and influence your approach to be consistently identical.
If the opponent is a minion, you can utilize an exe after the Pekka so that it can handle a military battalion, such as minion-drove goblin company, skeleton troops, or archer.

Royal Hogs Deck

Royal Hogs Deck

Average Elixir Cost: 3.8

Royal hog is the most minor employed card in the spooky arena 12 because the adversary consistently has security troops prepared for royal hogs. So also, I have measured a Pekka if the royal hogs get fail. I mainly use Pekka at the final minute, so the enemies will get surprised to support the Pekka.

Royal Giant Deck

Royal Giant Deck

Average Elixir Cost: 3.4

The royal giant offers a fair quantity of harm to a tower, so the foremost you have to assume maintenance of is the royal giant survival. As prolonged as the royal giant is active, the tower will get hurt.
You’ll require some fantastic cards to combat with a royal giant. If you have multiple reasons like skeleton army bats or knights, replace a few of them with something equivalent to a rage spell, lumberjack,k balloon, etc. This will support you to success.
If you like to max out your armies, you can exchange individual cards with your clanmates. For illustration, one of my clan associates requested me for the Magic Archer. In return, he’ll offer me, Mega Knight. I must maintain one Legendary Trade Token at most little to end the trade. If you ask for a legendary card, the competitor also has to give a legendary card in return.

XBow Deck

Average Elixir Cost: 3.9

Xbow with tesla hybrid has got so much favor in best clash royale deck arena 12. That’s why I counted this xbow deck to the checklist.

Then, I positioned the undercover tesla next to him. I set the xbow to bear out any fighters in the center of the xbow.

If your enemy is armed with a military that is a skeleton and you cannot protect, then log. (Warning Logs can only operate to protect against skeleton troops or goblin groups.)

Wizard is unwarranted for this xbow deck; most participants are not fanatics of the inferior elixir deck; that’s why I keep counting a wizard and tombstone; otherwise, I m heading to employ an electro spirit and skills.

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Balloon Deck

Average Elixir Cost: 4.1

Most of the balloon deck gets fallen because the enemy had an electro wizard, tesla, inferno dragon, or numerous counter cards for a balloon. That’s why I have counted a backup approach with Pekka.

I drive with Pekka to scare the enemy and support Pekka; they employ nearly all the elixir, then will be a wonderful moment to move with mini Pekka from another lane.

This type of plan functions every moment for me. You are heading to require some training with this balloon deck.

Graveyard Deck

Average Elixir Cost: 4.1

The graveyard deck is the most miniature used deck in arena 12, but I have an excellent strategy to win a battle.
My strategy with the graveyard deck is I push with electro giant from the end of the lane, and when electro dragon close to the tower, I just put graveyard on the tower. If you want, you can replace the zap with a rage spell which can be very effective.
Here are use valkyries as a mini tank because it has a good hit point.
If you want, you can also have graveyard cards like a musketeer, ice wizard(baby dragon, witch), Valk, Tesla, ice golem, log(barb barrel/fire spirit), graveyard, and poison.

Skelleton Barrel Deck

Average Elixir Cost: 3.6

Skeleton Barrel performs excellent with mirror and clone decks, but I don’t own a clone deck can be best arena 12 decks. That’s why I m not employing it. If you hold a mirror and clone spell, you can substitute it with skeleton troops and bats.

If this plan fails, the additional choice is to force with mega knight and prince. Goblin barrel to divert the tower and armies so that mega knight reaches near to the tower.
This skeleton barrel deck has a meager elixir cost which is significant because the cycle will duplicate, and you can do many techniques in a single match.

Sparky Deck

Average Elixir Cost: 4.3

There are numerous endearing cards in this sparky deck. The one plan is to drive with the ram rider and put venom on armies and towers so that the tower obtains slowly. If the enemy has skeleton troops or a minion, arranging poison will be beneficial to safeguard.
The second method is equivalent to moving with the sparky and then employing poison spells on armies and towers.
You can also include a variety of attacks, so you have three plans now, and there is no way concerned, so the competition will have difficulty examining your approach.

Electro Giant Deck (No Legendaries)

Average Elixir Cost: 3.9

Electro-giant is the most famous in arena 12 of clash royale.
Most of your cards vending with splash or zone deterioration aren’t familiar in clash royale. one of them is something Electro giant can accomplish. I am conscious that you employ Electro giants for cycling.
But, you won’t be qualified to succeed Pekka or the inferno dragon, the inferno tower. When the dragon inferno is not maintained from the process, dragon inferno can eliminate the electro giant within seconds. I suggest you bring any energy for the inferno dragon to push them out. This is why I’ve retained a lightning spell to destroy these battalions.

Ram Rider Deck

Average Elixir Cost: 3.9

Asunder from the racer, The hog is my favored arena player 11.
Ram Rider is one of the many sought-after cards that I’ve always enjoyed playing, and currently, I eventually have it in the clash royale game.
My goal for this best decks for arena 12 of ram riders is to recreate within one lane. I’m employing the ram rider. When the competitor has deployed the battalions, I move to another route, utilizing the royal hog if they have a smallish elixir ditched in a cycle.
This process has consistently performed for me. Nevertheless, I can’t do it every time. Nonetheless, I’m qualified to do it for two or three periods. If your competitor has learned the process, you can switch to an alternative approach.

Golem Deck

Average Elixir Cost: 3.8

With the golem deck, I still push in the ending 1 min so that the elixir cycles arrive quickly.
My plan with the golem deck is in the final 1 min, and I will deploy the golem at the end of the street. Hence, until it gets near the enemy tower, I have another golem prepared for a stimulus, and about to back, two golems will undoubtedly offer you a winsome event.
Make certain foremost that you provide a fair portion of harm to the tower to create it straightforward for the golem to defeat a match for you.
Ice golem can use to divert the troops. What I do to preoccupy forces is at the top of the lane, I placed the ice golem, and it moves to a separate street so that the armies get eliminated by both the tower and delay down the push.
If you want additional cards for the golem deck, you can use Golem, Lumberjack, Tornado, Baby Dragon, and Mega Minion.

Elite Barbarians Deck

Average Elixir Cost: 4.1

Elite barbarian is one of my recognized cards in clash royale.
Elite barbarian is so fast and provides a satisfactory amount of harm to a tower or brigades.
In arena 12, the elite barbarian is the multiple-operated deck. ebrab having a mixture with the freeze is a deadly mixture in clash royale.
You already know how I m heading to operate the freeze with the elite barbarians.
Yeah, you are correct. I will push with elite barbarians and benefit from freeze spells on brigades and the tower.

Inferno Dragon Deck

Average Elixir Cost: 3.6

I took the golem’s Inferno deck to carry me from the construction workshop to the legendary arena. Yet, I’ve been able to get any results recently at this place (Electro Valley). It’s incredibly frustrating to handle the most elite barbarian rushes, especially the golem.
The greatest problem I have regarding an inferno-dwarf is that the suffering dragon will be ineffective if the enemy has Electro wizards or Zap aggression.

Arena 12 Mega Knight Deck

Average Elixir Cost: 3.8

Mega Knight is one of the cards that gets recreated in all clash royale arenas.
Mega Knights can employ to protect and also bombard; it is perfect for both techniques.
There’s an inferno-dwarf on both flanks. The multitude of cards will possibly divert participants. If you’re speaking about the inferno tower, usually, I’m capable of proceeding fast towards mega knights.

How to win battles and get to Arena 13?

Card levels. Be sure to use cards at the lowest level of 10 or 11 to achieve in this arena. Do not operate a Legendary card if you keep it on level 9 if you want it a lot.
Operate your relaxing deck. I understand you like the Graveyard. You are simply unclosed but be sure to employ a balcony you are satisfied with, the Legendary Arena is nearby, and you ought to reach there.
Bypass tilting. You’ll face multiple individuals recreating unconventional best arena 12 decks clash royale, someone with more Height and Card groups than you. Try to concentrate and play whatever archetype you’re with, and do not get frustrated if you yield.

list of new cards that you can obtain on this Arena 12

  • Skeleton Barrel
  • Earthquake
  • Bomb Tower
  • Mirror
  • Guards
  • Graveyard
  • Royal Ghost

Best Arena 12 Deck – Clash Royale FAQ

What deck should I employ for the spooky town?

For a spooky town arena, the most suitable deck should be a hog, Pekka, witch.

What is a suitable deck for Arena 12?

The perfect deck for arena 12 is Magic Archer Elite Barbarian, Rage Spell, Goblin Barrel, Valkyrie, Wizard, Skeleton Army, or Bandit.

How do you obtain a suitable deck in clash Royale?

To get a suitable deck in clash royale, you should inspect the finest best arena 12 deck clash royale decks for every arena.

I was stuck in arena 12

The most satisfactory answer is to improve the level of your card. The second best choice evolves additional challenging as you earn more trophies. It is feasible to try decks to get the barricade; however, without personal experience, it’s not adequately.

Why is arena 12 so tough?

In arena 12, competition has dominated a singular deck. Most players effortlessly achieve arena ten, so to adore from arena 10 to arena 12 is relatively painless. Still, once you arrive at arena 12, it will be challenging for you to achieve arena 13 because you might hold low-level cards, so attempt to boost your card. More increased cards provide us benefits in a fight.

What is the most challenging arena in clash Royale?

The more challenging arena in clash royale is Spooky Town and Legendary Arena.

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