Twitch Earning Leaderboard May 2024 (Updated)

Twitch Earning Leaderboard – Numerous people all over the globe have been looking for a website called since the earnings were disclosed online by popular Twitch Streamers. Twitch is an extremely popular place to play online video games.

Many are concerned about Twitch’s security following the latest Twitch breach. You have come to the perfect blog post of master freak gaming of TwitchTwitch earning

If you want to find out everything you can about or the Twitch breach. The only reason I write on is to clarify everyone’s confusion over the Twitch security breach.

All About Guide 2024

Twitch has been scanned, making it one of the most important streaming platforms. The leak included earnings details from a Twitch streamer.

A Twitch leak has revealed that Twitch’sTwitch’s most popular streamer could earn up to $5,000,000 per year just by playing online games on Twitch. visitors have increased substantially because of its Twitch Earnings leaderboards.

They show how much money was paid to the top Twitch streamers. His earnings were not the only thing that was revealed.

The leaks also revealed sensitive information, including streamer passwords. The leak took place on 6 October 2021.

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Who is The Highest-Paid Twitch Streamer?

Ninja made an estimated $5m from his streams last fiscal year and was the highest-paid Twitch streamer. This is more money than the second-highest-paid streamer, Pokimane.

Shroud, Tim Tatman, DrLupo, and summit1g are some of the other top Twitch stream earners. These streamers have made over $1 million through their Twitch streams for 2020.

Twitch is becoming a very popular platform among players and content creators. It provides a great opportunity for people to communicate with their favorite content creators while also earning money.

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List of the Highest-Paid Twitch Streamers In 2024

Below are the top twenty Twitch streamers with the total amount they’ve earned from October 2019. Notably, these sums were leaked in an earlier leak. Here is the twitch earnings list

Twitch Streamer Earnings since Sep 2019

Critical Role$9,626,712.16

xQc – $8,454,427.17

Summit1g – $5,847,541.17

Tfue – $5,295,582.44

NICKMERCS – $5,096,642.12

Ludwig – $3,290,777.55

TimTheTatman – $3,290,133.32

Altoar – $3,053,839.94

Auronplay – $3,053,341.54

Lirik – $2,984,653.70

unknown – $2,863,780.63

Gaules – $2,844,985.18

Asmongold – $2,551,618.73

Tyler1 – $2,490,584.90

RanbooLive – $2,401,021.84

MontanaBlack88 – $2,391,369.58

ibai – $2,314,485.53

Castro_1021 – $2,311,021.81

MOONMOON – $2,236,043.55

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Monthly Payouts of the Top Twitch Streamers September 2024 Payout | twitch payout list

Tobiasfate – $41,040

Northernlion – $39,337

Pokimane – $38,217

Esfandtv – $37,802

Silvervale – $34,137

Forsen – $32,567

Tectone – $32,383

Quin69 – $31,437

Veibae – $31,080

Uberhaxornova – $30,492

Nyanners – $30,075

Jinnytty – $28,269

Avoidingthepuddle – $28,177

Smoke – $26,480

Insym – $25,986

Mistermv – $25,469

Tomato – $24,170

JasonR – $23,672

Botezlive – $17,981

Gorgc – $17,295

Aurateur – $16,852

Yogscast – $16,066

Clinstevens – $15,956

Centrel Comitee – $14,258

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Feature About Leak

Leaked information revealed that Summit1G and xQc were listed as the highest-paid producers in the live television series Critical Role.

  • Information includes streamer payment and source code
  • Another aspect revealed by the leak is that Twitch streamers can be paid from August 2019 until October 2021.
  • Ludwig is listed as 6th on this leaderboard. Earnings range from $1M-$1.4 Million.

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MASSIVE Twitch Earning Leaderboard Leak Shows STREAMER PAYOUT

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Wrapping Up

Here’s our posting. This blog holds a comprehensive inventory of leading Twitch streamers, their paychecks, and fan responses to

We hope you find this Reddit post with valuable information on the twitch earnings leaked full list Reddit.

How do twitch streamers make money?

They get paid in a number of ways such as Bits, paid subscriptions, donations, and influencer marketing campaigns.

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