Roblox Bedwars Commands List With Custom Match & Chat

Roblox Bedwars Commands is one of the most played games available, and the players are always keen to test out custom matches within the game.

Bedwars is a well-known Roblox Game that follows the bedwars mechanics of the game, which allows you to collect materials and upgrade to protect your bed and smash the beds of your adversaries.

Recently, the creators of the Roblox game added additional commands for the customized match mode, which will allow players to tweak the game to make it easier or less challenging.

Below we have a complete list of commands currently being offered in the game, as well as an overview of what they can do. This isn’t a complete list, but we anticipate it to be updated as the development team continues to work on the game!

BedWars Commands Guide

All actions within Roblox BedWars are done in the chat window in the game. It is opened by clicking the chat icon located at the upper left corner of the screen or by pressing the “/” key on your keyboard. It is essential to include the “/” with your keystrokes; otherwise, it won’t work.

If a Roblox Bedwars Commands contains parenthesis, it expects users to enter the parameters listed. For instance, when it reads “(player),” you would include the player’s display name or username instead: /tp examples_player. The X symbolizes a number, and you must change it to the amount you want.

Team Generator Roblox Bedwars Command (Updated)

Command SyntaxDescription
/announce MessageIt sends out a notification to all game players. Replace the Message with the information you would like to declare.
/blacklistitem Item NameRestricts this product from use in the matching custom made. Change ItemName by the name of the product you want to get rid of. Underscores must separate items that contain multiple words.
/cohost allAllows all co-hosts to host as well as access to host panels.
/disablekit KitNameThis kit can be disabled from being utilized in the custom match. Change KitName to the name of the kit you wish to eliminate.
/disaster DisasterName
The specified disaster is spawned during the gameplay. Change DisasterName by the one you’d prefer cause to occur.
/enchant EnchantmentName_LevelThe command applies the Enchantment specified on the command. Replace the EnchantmentName with the Enchantment’s name and then replace the Level with the Level of Enchantment to which you’d like to be applied.
/give @PlayerName | @all | @team:TeamColor ItemName AmountProvides the players selected with the amount specified for the item selected. Change PlayerName and TeamColor to match the Name or the color of the team receiving the item. Replace ItemName and amount with the amount of the item to be given to players you have selected.
/kick UserNameChange UserName by the Name of the person you wish to remove from the match. It is necessary to use the username of the user instead of their Display Name.
/luckyairdropAirdrops 1- 10 Lucky Blocks in a random region in the maps. Lucky Blocks contain rare loot/weapons.
/setDeathmatchTime XXSets the time when the countdown to deathmatch begins. Replace XXX with an amount of time you’ll need to stand in line until the deathmatch timer begins.
/setGeneratorMultiplier XXSets the multiplier’s spawn rate for generators of resources. Replace XXX with an upper number to determine the spawn rate. The smaller the number, the quicker it will spawn! (.00001 means it will spawn quicker than 1000)
/sethealthgreen Player RegenAmountModifies a player’s self-regen healing rate. Replace the player with your Name. Player you wish to alter, and then substitute RegenAmount using the healing rate.
/spawn ItemName AmountCreates one of the items you’ve chosen. You can replace ItemName with the title of the object. Then change the amount to reflect how much of the item you’d like.
/togglespawn Name true/falseThis toggles the spawning of the item. Replace Name with the name you’d like to create, and enter true if you wish to enable spawning. Type false if you want to stop the spawning of this item.
/tp allTeleports players to any point that is located on the map.
/tpbed Color_bedYou can teleport to any bed in a team. Replace the color with that of the bed you wish to be teleported.
/tp UserNameYou can teleport to another user. You can replace UserName with the username of the player to whom you’d like to transfer.

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Custom Match Commands List

/setac enabled –This command will enable the anti-cheat feature.
/setac disabled –Make use of this command to turn off the anti-cheat feature.
/void –This command will teleport you to the Void
/bedwars –This command will take you to the BedWars lobby.
/Islands –This command will take the player to Roblox Islands
/setTeam (player | @all | @team:(team_name)) (team_name) –This command is used to determine the team of one or more players.
/setHealth (player | @all | @team:(color) | @s) (health) –You can use this command to adjust the health of one player, several players, or the entire team.
/disaster (“meteors” | “void_rise” | “toxic_rain” | “tornado”) –This command can be used to trigger manually one the natural catastrophes.
/give (player) (@all) (@team: team_color) (item) (item amount) –This command can grant an individual player, all players, or a certain team an item.
/sethealthregen (player) (regen_amount) –Use this command to establish the health regeneration of an individual player.
/cohost all –This command grants cohosting rights to everyone in the game.
/enchant (enchantmentname_level – e.g., /enchant static_3) –This command will make the enchantment that you’ve specified on the gamer. Add the underscore (_) following the name, followed by the number of levels you’d like to assign.
/tp (player) –The player is teleported to your username/display name that is entered.
/tp (target_players) (destination_player) –It is possible to teleport other players to a particular player.
/tpall –All players are transferred to the user.
/tpbed (Ex. /tpbed red) –You are teleported to the color bed team you select when you type the command.
/spawn (item name) (amount) –Create an item of a certain amount based on the input you provide. Below is the list of things you can do.
/announce (message) –The message is displayed through a pop-up that appears across the entire screen for all players who are part of Custom Match. Custom Match.
/kick (player) –This command can be used to remove a player from the Custom Match. You cannot utilize their Display Name, but you must use the Roblox username. You can find this by clicking on their username within the Player List.
/setgeneratormultiplier (amount) –The setting can increase or reduce the speeds of the Iron, Diamond, and Emerald generator. The first number represents the standard speed. 2 is twice as fast, and you can utilize the option -inf to maximize the speed.
/blacklistItem (item name) –This prevents the item in question from being purchased from the Item Shop. After this has been done, you won’t be able to activate it again until you launch another Custom Game, so only use it if certain.
/disablekit (kit name) –The named kit is disabled from being utilized within the currently active Custom Match. Once you’ve disabled the specific kit during the match, you’ll be unable to enable it again until you’ve made a new Custom Match.
/setdeathmatchtime (seconds) –Set the length of time you wish to spend on Your Custom Match before the Sudden Death Mode begins.
/togglespawn (item name) (true/false) –Allows or blocks the spawning of a specific object in-game. True will allow the item to be spawned, and false will disallow the item.
/luckyairdrop –This command will currently create a Lucky Block Airdrop at a random spot on the map.

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Roblox Chat Commands List

/hub – It will take you back to Roblox’s BedWars Hub Roblox, where you can join various purchase kits and games and start a new game that you can make your own. You’ll be swiftly transferred to the most recent server if you’re already in the hub.

Enchantments Roblox Bedwars Command 

    Enchantments typeEnchantments
Enchantments 1/enchant execute_3
Enchantments 2/enchant static_3
Enchantments 3/enchant fire_3
Enchantments 4/enchant shield_gen_3
Enchantments 5/enchant shield_gen_1
Enchantments 6/enchant rapid_regen_2
Enchantments 7/enchant clingy_2
Enchantments 8/enchant shield_gen_2
Enchantments 9/enchant critical_strike_3
Enchantments 10/enchant static_1
Enchantments 11/enchant rapid_regen_3
Enchantments 12/enchant void_3
Enchantments 13/enchant rapid_regen_1
Enchantments 14/enchant critical_strike_1
Enchantments 15/enchant plunder_2
Enchantments 16/enchant static_2
Enchantments 17/enchant anti_knockback_2
Enchantments 18/enchant fire_2
Enchantments 19/enchant updraft_2
Enchantments 20/enchant fire_1
Enchantments 21/enchant life_steal_2

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Top 26 Roboblox command for Spawn Armor Items (UPDATED)

        Type Of ArmorSpawn Armor Items
Armor 1/spawn iron_helmet
Armor 2/spawn emerald_boots
Armor 3/spawn speed_boots
Armor 4/spawn warrior_helmet
Armor 5/spawn diamond_boots
Armor 6/spawn void_helmet
Armor 7/spawn iron_boots
Armor 8/spawn jump_boots
Armor 9/spawn void_boots
Armor 10/spawn emerald_helmet
Armor 11/spawn void_chestplate
Armor 12/spawn emerald_chestplate
Armor 13/spawn juggernaut_chestplate
Armor 14/spawn void_boots
Armor 15/spawn diamond_chestplate
Armor 16/spawn warrior_boots
Armor 17/spawn void_helmet
Armor 18/spawn juggernaut_boots
Armor 19/spawn iron_chestplate
Armor 20/spawn void_chestplate
Armor 21/spawn leather_helmet
Armor 22/spawn diamond_helmet
Armor 23/spawn leather_chestplate
Armor 24/spawn leather_boots
Armor 25/spawn juggernaut_helmet
Armor 26/spawn warrior_chestplate

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Top 44 Spawn Weapon Items

Weapon ItemsWeapon ItemsCommand
Weapon Items 1/spawn flamethrower
Weapon Items 2/spawn double_edge_sword
Weapon Items 3/spawn void_axe
Weapon Items 4/spawn void_sword
Weapon Items 5/spawn iron_dao
Weapon Items 6/spawn emerald_sword
Weapon Items 7/spawn iron_sword
Weapon Items 8/spawn wood_bow
Weapon Items 9/spawn big_wood_sword
Weapon Items 10/spawn emerald_dao
Weapon Items 11/spawn wood_dao
Weapon Items 12/spawn stone_sword
Weapon Items 13/spawn rageblade
Weapon Items 14/spawn twirlblade
Weapon Items 15/spawn frying_pan
Weapon Items 16/spawn battle_axe
Weapon Items 17/spawn bear_claws
Weapon Items 18/spawn golden_bow
Weapon Items 19/spawn infernal_saber
Weapon Items 20/spawn tnt X
Weapon Items 21/spawn boba_blaster
Weapon Items 22/spawn rocket_launcher
Weapon Items 23/spawn big_wooden_sword
Weapon Items 24/spawn tactical_crossbow
Weapon Items 25/spawn taser
Weapon Items 26/spawn player_vacuum
Weapon Items 27/spawn light_sword
Weapon Items 28/spawn invisible_landmine
Weapon Items 29/spawn wizard_staff
Weapon Items 30/spawn vacuum
Weapon Items 31/spawn scythe
Weapon Items 32/spawn baguette
Weapon Items 33/spawn wood_sword
Weapon Items 34/spawn mass_hammer
Weapon Items 35/spawn wood_crossbow
Weapon Items 36/spawn knockback_fish
Weapon Items 37/spawn baseball_bat
Weapon Items 38/spawn paint_shotgun
Weapon Items 39/spawn feather_bow
Weapon Items 40/spawn diamond_sword
Weapon Items 41/spawn carrot_cannon
Weapon Items 42/spawn diamond_dao
Weapon Items 43/spawn ice_sword
Weapon Items 44/spawn stone_dao

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Top 5 Spawn Ammo Items

          Ammo ItemsAmmo Items Command
Ammo Items 1/spawn arrow X
Ammo Items 2/spawn firework_arrow
Ammo Items 3/spawn boba_pearl
Ammo Items 4/spawn carrot_rocket
Ammo Items 5/spawn rocket_launcher_missile X

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Top 64 Spawn Block Items

          Block ItemsBlock Items Command
Block Items 1/spawn clay_gray
Block Items 2/spawn clay_dark_brown
Block Items 3/spawn wood_plank_spruce
Block Items 4/spawn clay_dark_green
Block Items 5/spawn snow X
Block Items 6/spawn clay_red
Block Items 7/spawn wood_plank_birch
Block Items 8/spawn dirt X
Block Items 9/spawn granite_polished
Block Items 10/spawn oak_log
Block Items 11/spawn brick X
Block Items 12/spawn andesite
Block Items 13/spawn wool_red
Block Items 14/spawn sand X
Block Items 15/spawn marble_pillar X
Block Items 16/spawn ceramic X
Block Items 17/spawn diorite_polished
Block Items 18/spawn obsidian X
Block Items 19/spawn clay_tan
Block Items 20/spawn andesite_polished
Block Items 21/spawn cobblestone X
Block Items 22/spawn wood_plank_oak
Block Items 23/spawn stone X
Block Items 24/spawn clay_light_brown
Block Items 25/spawn diorite
Block Items 26/spawn birch_log X
Block Items 27/spawn clay_purple
Block Items 28/spawn diamond_block X
Block Items 29/spawn ice X
Block Items 30/spawn wool_pink
Block Items 31/spawn slate_brick
Block Items 32/spawn wool_purple
Block Items 33/spawn marble X
Block Items 34/spawn wool_orange
Block Items 35/spawn granite
Block Items 36/spawn stone_slab
Block Items 37/spawn clay
Block Items 38/spawn slime_block
Block Items 39/spawn clay_orange
Block Items 40/spawn stone_brick X
Block Items 41/spawn clay_yellow
Block Items 42/spawn bedrock
Block Items 43/spawn glass X
Block Items 44/spawn red_sandstone
Block Items 45/spawn clay_pink
Block Items 46/spawn clay_black
Block Items 47/spawn smoke_block X
Block Items 48/spawn spruce_log
Block Items 49/spawn grass X
Block Items 50/spawn apple X
Block Items 51/spawn emerald_block X
Block Items 52/spawn hickory_log
Block Items 53/spawn wool_green
Block Items 54/spawn clay_light_green
Block Items 55/spawn bed X
Block Items 56/spawn wool_yellow
Block Items 57/spawn wool_white
Block Items 58/spawn wool_blue
Block Items 59/spawn clay_blue
Block Items 60/spawn fisherman_coral X
Block Items 61/spawn concrete_green
Block Items 62/spawn wool_cyan
Block Items 63/spawn wood_plank_maple
Block Items 64/spawn clay_white

Top 58 Spawn Miscellaneous Items

Miscellaneous ItemsMiscellaneous Items Command
Miscellaneous Items 1/spawn beehive X
Miscellaneous Items 2/spawn raven X
Miscellaneous Items 3/spawn duck_spawn_egg
Miscellaneous Items 4/spawn bee X
Miscellaneous Items 5/spawn break_speed_axolotl
Miscellaneous Items 6/spawn cauldron
Miscellaneous Items 7/spawn broken_enchant_table
Miscellaneous Items 8/spawn brewing_cauldron
Miscellaneous Items 9/spawn vending_machine
Miscellaneous Items 10/spawn defense_banner
Miscellaneous Items 11/spawn enchant_table
Miscellaneous Items 12/spawn damage_banner
Miscellaneous Items 13/spawn telepearl X
Miscellaneous Items 14/spawn charge_shield
Miscellaneous Items 15/spawn void_turret_tablet
Miscellaneous Items 16/spawn personal_chest
Miscellaneous Items 17/spawn balloon X
Miscellaneous Items 18/spawn cannon
Miscellaneous Items 19/spawn watering_can
Miscellaneous Items 20/spawn clone
Miscellaneous Items 21/spawn shield
Miscellaneous Items 22/spawn thorns
Miscellaneous Items 23/spawn miner_pickaxe
Miscellaneous Items 24/spawn stone_player_block
Miscellaneous Items 25/spawn turtle_shell
Miscellaneous Items 26/spawn melon X
Miscellaneous Items 27/spawn minicopter
Miscellaneous Items 28/spawn tablet
Miscellaneous Items 29/spawn void_portal
Miscellaneous Items 30/spawn crook
Miscellaneous Items 31/spawn gumdrop_bounce_pad X
Miscellaneous Items 32/spawn mushrooms
Miscellaneous Items 33/spawn hammer
Miscellaneous Items 34/spawn jade_hammer
Miscellaneous Items 35/spawn camera_turret
Miscellaneous Items 36/spawn hang_glider
Miscellaneous Items 37/spawn damage_axolotl X
Miscellaneous Items 38/spawn shield_axolotl X
Miscellaneous Items 39/spawn melon_seeds X
Miscellaneous Items 40/spawn ember X
Miscellaneous Items 41/spawn grappling_hook
Miscellaneous Items 42/spawn carrot_seeds X
Miscellaneous Items 43/spawn teleport_block
Miscellaneous Items 44/spawn zipline X
Miscellaneous Items 45/spawn fishing_rod
Miscellaneous Items 46/spawn chest
Miscellaneous Items 47/spawn guitar
Miscellaneous Items 48/spawn health_regen_axolotl_X
Miscellaneous Items 49/spawn void_turret
Miscellaneous Items 50/spawn stopwatch X
Miscellaneous Items 51/spawn big_shield
Miscellaneous Items 52/spawn guided_missile X
Miscellaneous Items 53/spawn juggernaut_crate X
Miscellaneous Items 54/spawn flower
Miscellaneous Items 55/spawn drone
Miscellaneous Items 56/spawn void_crystal
Miscellaneous Items 57/spawn heal_banner
Miscellaneous Items 58/airdrop juggernaut

Top 13 Spawn Potion Items

        Potion ItemsPotion Items Command
Potion Items 1/spawn heal_splash_potion
Potion Items 2/spawn poison_splash_potion
Potion Items 3/spawn big_head_potion
Potion Items 4/spawn smoke_bomb
Potion Items 5/spawn forcefield_potion
Potion Items 6/spawn jump_potion
Potion Items 7/spawn speed_potion
Potion Items 8/spawn time_bomb_potion
Potion Items 9/spawn giant_potion
Potion Items 10/spawn sleep_splash_potion
Potion Items 11/spawn mini_shield
Potion Items 12/spawn invisibility_potion
Potion Items 13/spawn shrink_potion

Top 17 Spawn Throwable Items

      Throwable ItemsThrowable Items Command
Throwable Items 1/spawn snowball X
Throwable Items 2/spawn throwable_bridge
Throwable Items 3/spawn spear X
Throwable Items 4/spawn large_rock
Throwable Items 5/spawn impulse_grenade
Throwable Items 6/spawn oil_consumable X
Throwable Items 7/spawn fireball X
Throwable Items 8/spawn spirit X
Throwable Items 9/spawn lasso X
Throwable Items 10/spawn robbery_ball
Throwable Items 11/spawn santa_bomb
Throwable Items 12/spawn frosted_snowball
Throwable Items 13/spawn heat_seeking_rock X
Throwable Items 14/spawn swap_ball
Throwable Items 15/spawn throwing_knife X
Throwable Items 16/spawn black_hole_bomb
Throwable Items 17/spawn smoke_grenade

Top 13 Spawn Tool Items

            Tool ItemsTool Items Command
Tool Items 1/spawn diamond_axe
Tool Items 2/spawn iron_axe
Tool Items 3/spawn stone_pickaxe
Tool Items 4/spawn wood_axe
Tool Items 5/spawn portal_gun
Tool Items 6/spawn metal_detector
Tool Items 7/spawn bee_net
Tool Items 8/spawn iron_pickaxe
Tool Items 9/spawn shears
Tool Items 10/spawn wood_pickaxe
Tool Items 11/spawn stone_pickaxe
Tool Items 12/spawn grapple_hook
Tool Items 13/spawn diamond_pickaxe

Top 9 World Spawns

World SpawnsWorld Spawns Command
World Spawns 1/spawn spirit_entity X
World Spawns 2/spawn monster X
World Spawns 3/spawn duck_entity X
World Spawns 4/spawn monster X
World Spawns 5/spawn dodo_entity X
World Spawns 6/spawn beeless_entity X
World Spawns 7/spawn bee_entity X
World Spawns 8/spawn beeless_entity X
World Spawns 9/spawn ghost X

How to get INFINITE health in Roblox Bedwars commands

Top 2 Spawn Consumable Items

Spawn ConsumableSpawn Consumable Command
Spawn Consumable 1/spawn pie X
Spawn Consumable 2/spawn apple X

Top 3 Way To Spawn Currency

Spawn CurrencySpawn Currency Command
Spawn Currency 1/spawn diamond X
Spawn Currency 2/spawn emerald X
Spawn Currency 3/spawn iron X

Top 3 Commands To Spawn Lucky Blocks

Lucky BlocksLucky Blocks Command
Lucky Blocks 1/spawn lucky_block
Lucky Blocks 2/spawn lucky_block_trap
Lucky Blocks 3/spawn purple_lucky_block X

Best Way To Play BedWars Roblox game

  1. Begin by joining the Roblox BedWars queue located in the Lobby to be able to play
  2. Protect your base in-game. After it’s gone, you are unable to Respawn!
  3. The next step is to gather funds for team upgrades and things.
  4. Lastly, take out enemies’ beds and eliminate opponents to win.

Game Control Key for Bedwars

  • Press E Key For Opening Inventory in the Roblox game
  • Press T Key For Using Spray in the Roblox game
  • Press Q Key For Droping items in the Roblox game
  • Press CTRL Key for Using Lock Camera in Roblox game
  • Press SHIFT Key For Using Sprint in the Roblox game


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Roblox Bedwars Commands List With Custom Match & Chat

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