How to Make Modern Houses in Minecraft

How to Make Modern Houses in Minecraft Minecraft has a big focus on survival and building shelters to protect itself. But due to its very large and simple blocks, it’s sometimes difficult to build something aesthetically pleasing. Check out a walkthrough on how to make beautiful and luxurious homes with some modern brush strokes and construction tricks.


How to Make Modern Houses in Minecraft

The biggest difficulty in building something beautiful in Minecraft. It is that its blocks are too rough, big, and textured that don’t always fit well in repeating patterns. To get around this, the first step is to create a construction. That is not as symmetrical and square as the blocks themselves. You can also add texture packs to enhance the look and feel.

However, the secret to creating something that visually stands out is precisely in the blocks that are not complete. For example, signs, stairs, poles, fences, or any object that is smaller than an entire block. It can be used to add detail to your construction. See an example:

How to build a beautiful and luxurious house

Step 1: A good idea to start with is to place all kinds of blocks that you can use in front of you, such as stones, wood, sand, clay, and wool, so you can choose which ones to use;

How to build a beautiful and luxurious house

Step 2: Choose two colors, one to be the dominant one, which will be on the walls of the house, and the other just for the details;

Step 3: Find out the area you intend to use. A beautiful, luxurious house doesn’t necessarily have to be big, like a mansion. Here, an area of ​​20 x 15 blocks was used;

Step 4: Start marking outdoors and rooms before starting to build. Don’t do something too symmetrical, let your imagination make irregular shapes;

Step 5: Place the front doors and raise the first wall blocks. Use your secondary color for the details. Leave room for windows, as luxury homes often have large windows to enjoy the view;

Step 6: For windows, it is possible to use either glass or colored crystal according to the scarcity of resources;
Step 7. Finish raising the walls, four blocks high is usually enough, but luxury houses are sometimes taller vertically;

Step 8: Change the floor to something more suitable than earth with a material of your choice. In the image bone blocks were used;

Building decoration

Step 9: Close the house with the roof. It’s also a good time to make a line with your secondary color. If you want a second floor, also prepare the opening and stairs;

Building decoration

Step 10: If desired, raise a second floor in your home. The second floor of a luxury house usually occupies a smaller area than the first, has more windows and fewer room divisions, as living rooms and kitchens are on the lower floor;

Step 11: Until then the facade of the house is not very nice, because thanks to the Minecraft blocks it is very straight and raw. Now is a good opportunity to use a third color with blocks like stairs and boards to add architectural details;

Step 12: Some players try to make their house more modern by having an entire portion of it suspended. To do this, just start with the removal of the underside of the house;

Step 13: Add some columns to give a more realistic effect, like something needed to hold the weight of these blocks, something Minecraft doesn’t require;

Step 14: It is possible to convert this area into a garage, but since Minecraft has no vehicles, a stable might be more useful;

Step 15: Luxury homes also often have swimming pools and gardens area. You can build them with Prismarinho either at this location or separately at the back of the house; How to Make Modern Houses in Minecraft

interior decoration

Another fruit of Minecraft’s focus on survival is that the game doesn’t have furniture to decorate your home, which leads players to appeal to creativity at this point. In addition to objects suitable for decoration, such as paintings and armor displays, the combination of unusual objects can create something that convinces a piece of furniture. this how-to Make Modern Houses in Minecraft

interior decoration

Step 16: Stairs can easily become simple chairs. Fence posts with rugs on top can turntables;

Step 17: There’s not much you can do in a kitchen besides improvising some utensils. Buttons can be used to simulate drawers;

Step 18: Game flags can be placed in front of windows to create curtains, and candles look good on fence posts to light up the place;

Step 19: To create furniture, the key is to experiment with all kinds of objects that stick to blocks. For example, dressers and cabinets can be obtained with traps, doors, signs (with the letter “o” to simulate a handle), item boards, and more;

Step 20: The same goes for chairs and sofas, just start mixing to find unexpected effects that create convincing decorations.

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