Why Is My PS4 So Loud? Reason And Quick Fix

Why Is My PS4 So Loud? In a brief survey, I understood that even a PS4 with little time of service can deliver a loud noise due to manufacturing defects, in these cases, it is always more suitable to use the warranty.

There are some safeguards you can take to prevent the ps4 fan site from creating too much noise, and then I’ll describe what causes it and how to fix a loud playstation fan to avoid or fix the issue.


What makes the PS4 noisy?

What makes the PS4 noisy

To ease the PS4’s noise,

  • First, you need to understand the cause, usually, its noise is connected to the cooler, the fan inside it, in many circumstances a deep cleaning will solve issue, 
  • You can also unplug the air vents or operate a base to allow cool down.
  • Your PS4 will at some moment inevitably have dust collected on its internal parts
  •  This is accountable for creating it challenging for air to exit by pushing the cooler to rotate quickly and make more noise.
  • It can also restrict the air entering and exiting the console in the room where it is, bypass placing your PS4 on narrow shelves, close to machines that heat up, and at a reasonable space from the wall.
  • One of the symbols that you must clean is the uncommon noise when it is turned on, if you leave it that way, the risks are high of some parts being harmed over time due to the extraordinary measure to keep the device cool.

Loud noise is not always a concern, if you’ve been playing for an extended period and the temperature is hot, it’s natural for the PS4 to rush up the cooler, the same goes for games with additionally detailed graphics that require a lot more from the video game processor.

Playing with the disc in PS4 makes more noise

When the PS4 uses the physical media disk to operate a game, it ends up creating more noise, a good way to avoid this noise is to purchase games on digital media.

I know occasionally the cost of games on the PlayStation Store is not the most reasonable, but you might as well use cards from the store with better prices or some advertising from a store that deals with digital games.

How to prevent the PS4 from gathering dust faster

How to prevent the PS4 from gathering dust faster

Finally, your PS4 will be loaded with dust inside and this is inevitable, but you can take an easy step to delay this buildup, this goes for all console models, PS4, PS4 Slim, and PS4 Pro.

  • Around the PS4 there is a band or gap where the air intakes are and they readily collect dust, especially because it’s challenging to use a cloth to clean the interior.
  • You can from time to time use a thing that serves in these side entrances to clear the dust, some like to utilize a toothbrush.
  • By removing dust often, you control the device from getting more dirt and delay the requirement for internal cleaning.
  • Another way to keep your PS4 from gathering dust faster is by covering it with a dust cover.
  • You can find some covers to sell on the internet, they also protect against spraying liquids, a good one to use when you’re having a party in your house, 
  • If you have pets like cats or if you’re going to survive a long time without using the console.

Cleaning the PS4 to cut down on noise

Cleaning the PS4 to cut down on noise

Extreme dirt makes the PS4’s internal fan work at a higher speed due to the heat caused by the lack of ventilation generated by the collection of dust that stops the entry and exit of air.

When the fan runs at a higher speed, more noise can be heard, this is quite standard even on new devices when you spend a lot of time playing on it and especially with games that consume more system processing.

The bad thing is when you start to hear the noise shortly after powering on, the more your PS4 system stumbles to keep temperature, the more it will wear out and generate a future malfunction, so it’s a good idea to do so. a cleaning when required.

A painless way would be to do the cleaning without having to dismantle the PS4,

Important things to be noted  If your PS4 is under warranty and is making a lot of noise, it’s best not to drag the warranty seal and have the company service it.

What to use to open the PS4 and clean it:

  • Compressed air spray to help clear dust common flannel
  • Screwdriver to remove common screws
  • Torx T8 or T9 Wrench to Efficiently Remove PS4 Security Screws
  • A stylus to help remove warranty stickers
  • To clean the PS4, first, turn it off entirely by removing the cables attached to it.

Then start dismantling the device little by little, removing the screws and then the covers until the area of the fan outlet (cooler) is displayed.

Always remember to clean the covers with the flannel and the most unreachable places like the small fan inlets, you can use the compressed air can for ps4 spray to remove any accumulated dust.

Tip: Leave your finger on top of the cooling fan so that it doesn't rotate voluntarily when you use the compressed air spray to expel the dust, some like to leave a flexible rod on top to lock the propeller so it doesn't rotate.

 Instructions to be followed While Cleaning PS4

Read the instructions for use included in the package of compressed air spray, this is not a product that can be utilized in any way and needs some safeguards such as not moving too much and not turning the bottle upside down.

  • When using compressed air spray, do not press and hold for too long, press it several times at brief intervals.
  • Very necessary: The use of a vacuum cleaner is not recommended to be used to clean your PS4, instead of helping, it can damage the device.

How to replace the PS4 thermal grease

How to replace the PS4 thermal grease

Thermal paste is a type of cream that is utilized on top of the processor, it is thermal because it ought to resist high temperatures and every PS4 has a processor with this paste.

  • With time and excessive use, the paste ends up drying and the heat between the processor and the board increases, making your cooler run at a higher speed and less silent.
  • You can prevent your PS4 from overheating and possibly dying to work by changing the old folder.
  • There are some kits with all the materials to release thermal grease and add more to an electronic board, you can pick one that comes with a thermal grease remover that will enable you clean and empty the old grease from the board, or just buy the new folder.
  • The thermal paste can be readily found on the internet, just look at Amazon and there will be several brands, for convenience, I advise you to choose the one that comes in a syringe.

You’ll need extra labor and extra supervision to change the PS4’s thermal grease. So it’s not recommended for anyone who has never actually taken apart any electronics. And doesn’t feel comfortable doing it but knows it’s not that difficult, just follow the steps in some videos on Youtube. There are several that show absolutely how to move.

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Cleaning the PS4 without opening and voiding the warranty

If your PS4 is under warranty or you’re afraid of opening and breaking or can’t get the screws out due to lack of tools, you can try cleaning just from the outside.

It’s very difficult to clean only with a cloth. But there is a product that makes it much easier. It’s the compressed air spray, you simply throw in the air that blows and removes the accumulated dust.

With the PS4 disconnected from power cables. Use compressed air at the side intakes and especially at the back of the console until all dust is removed.

Solution for PS4 Slim Cleaning

If you have a PS4 Slim, you’ll be able to unlock it and have access to the cooler without removing the warranty stickers.

  • First, remove the lid from the top of the PS4 Slim .Then remove a board by removing its internal screws 
  • If you notice that the cooler isn’t that dirty or ps4 slim loud disc drive, you can spray compressed air to dust it off. Without even having to remove the card.

Note: The screws on the cooler board need to be removed with a Torx T8 or T9 screwdriver.

Solution for PS4 pro 

If you have a PS4 Pro and suffering from a PlayStation 4 pro loud fan, it’s even easier to clean a playstation pro fan and ps4 pro ventilator geluid. You won’t need to unscrew anything, just remove the covers and access the cooler to clean other methods on how to clean ps4 pro fan.

  • After removing the top cover by simply pulling it out. You already have access to the clean ps4 pro fan cooler to get rid of the dust, 
  • However, if you want to do a more detailed cleaning. It will be a little more job to do on a PS4 Pro than on a PS4 Slim or in ps4 pro hard drive clicking.

Changing the position of the PS4 Slim / Pro to reduce noise

Changing the position of the PS4 Slim / Pro to reduce noise

If you’ve cleaned up your PS4 but ps4 still loud after cleaning fan hears a lot of noise. It could have something to do with the position of your video game on your desk another object which blocks the ps4 fan still loud after cleaning.

  • Note that he is a fair distance away from the wall, set him in a more open ps4 to clean fan place that permits for easy air intake.
  • Avoid leaving objects on or beside your PS4, you can also use an object to place the console. A little above the surface to prevent connection with it from causing more heat.

For my PS4 I use the base of a TV that I don’t utilize as it’s connected to a wall shelf. It leaves room for the underside of my video game and helps support my glass table from getting hot.

You can improvise several different bases, but if you want to ensure more efficiency. You can use one of those bases used for notebooks (check out some bases at Americanas), preferably those with fans as ps4 noisy after cleaning.

If you already have a bottom like that, even better. Since you won’t need to buy another one and you can use it when playing on PS4 or in PlayStation 3 fan noise fix.

Another alternative is to leave your PlayStation 4 in an upright position, although the base to make it “upright” doesn’t come with it, it is sold separately in many stores.

There are vertical bases for PS4 that even have fans, support for game cases, and space for you to recharge 2 controllers, check out some bases in online stores.

Have you tried the above options and If it didn’t work for PS4?

Many individuals complain about the older PS4 models. Those from the first batches, several problems affect your Wifi and also extreme noise.

  • If you’ve tried all the alternatives to reduce the noise of the PS4 .It didn’t work, make sure you have the old model, the CUH-1001A model is renowned for its factory problems, some start to offer after months of use.
  • To solve this, try replacing your console with another one, so keep an eye out. If it starts to make excessive noise without justification, have it replaced before the end of your warranty.
  • In some more extreme cases, it could be that the PS4 cooler has stopped working properly and needs to be replaced. But an experienced technician will be able to diagnose this better.
  • The noise is not always related to the cooler. It can be the disk reader or the hard drive, some can reduce the noise by replacing the hard drive with an SSD. That has a more current storage technology and is quieter.
  • The disc player also produces noise, especially if it is malfunctioning. So replacing it might be an option a technician might suggest.


How do I stop my PS4 from being so loud?

You can also unclog the air vents or use a base to help cool down.

Why is my PS4 being so loud?

I understood that even a PS4 with little time of use can present a loud noise due to manufacturing defects, in these cases it is always better to use the warranty.

Why does my PS4 sound like a jet engine?

PS4 will at some point have dust accumulated on its internal components

How to clean a PS4 fan?

Compressed air spray to help remove dust

Why is my PS4 so loud Reddit

It may have a manufacturing defect.

PS4 loud fan fix without opening

By using a vacuum cleaner

Why is my PS4 so loud after cleaning

Due to some technical issue

Why is my PS4 slim so loud

It may contain dust in the fans

ps4 fan cleaning mode replacement

By complaining in the service center

PS4 slim fan noise

Changing the position of the PS4 slim

Is a loud PS4 fan normal?


Should PS4 be vertical or horizontal?


Why is my PS4 so loud when I put a disc in?

It can be a manufacturing defect

Why does my ps4 sound like a vacuum

Because dust had been accumulated in the fan and cannot move freely. It needs a deep cleaning and good service in PS4.

How to fix ps4 pro coil whine

fIf it is in warranty then take it to sony service center as it is some thing which you cannot do at home properly.

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