Top 5 Minecraft survival maps | Best Minecraft Survival Maps Download

Minecraft survival maps have been throughout for a while, and the game’s apparently limitless opportunities.

They present themselves to extremely imaginative Minecraft survival maps, mods, and texture packs for Minecraft. Every map is created to examine your Minecraft survival abilities or allow you a separate room.

To explore extremes of the randomly produced region you usually notice in Minecraft gameplay.


How to download Minecraft maps on windows 10 and Other Mac Devices?

Some of the Minecraft maps that you can download in Minecraft will apparently be provided in a .zip or .rar file format. These folders and files included in this file must be extracted into your Minecraft game folder. On your PC saves the folder.

If you own a Mac, the “Archive Utility” evolved into OS X will be capable to present .zip files by right-clicking the .zip and choosing “Open With> Archive Utility”.

Once you’re done extracting the survival map, you’ll require to set your Minecraft saves folder. Follow the steps below: Watch Video

1.) Click on the Minecraft launcher.

2.)Then Select “Launch Options” in the menu.

3.) “Add New” at to the + sign.

4.) Place anywhere it says “Game Directory” and click the green arrow.

5.) Your saves folder and enjoy.



Noobcrew’s SkyBlock is the ancestor of Minecraft survival maps. Every map that requires to secure their survival is tougher than Vanilla Minecraft catches their ideas of this treasure.

Spawns on a floating island in the sky, with zero but a tree, an ark. And the blocks of mud the island is composed of some cubes. Doing this, the map requires you to create difficulties such as: making a home, building a wheatland, tendering a mixture of wool, and constructing and sparking a portal here. However the map is challenging, but achieving the goals gives a great feeling of fulfillment.

Survival Island

Survival Island

Survival Island is the logical continuity of survival maps. Like SkyBlock, it’s on an island, but this season it’s enclosed by the river. Earth is a valuable resource on this particular map as the largest from what you will discover will be dust. Moreover like its ancestor, Survival Island provides you aims to complete, such as developing an experimental tree garden, a carriage operation, and accumulating 10 diamonds in a row.



Aurelien_Sama’s Eldaria relishes the concept of ​​a survival map and converts it into wonderful, explorable heaven. Where different survival maps define the sources you can save, Eldaria requires you to investigate the enormous space. The designer has designed, collecting supplies onward the trail. Lastly, the island has many diverse biomes to search for items like mountains covings villages. And many more, and the arched scenery is evocative of unfamiliar island heaven.


Artic in minecraft

Icrafting’s Arctic reveals the form of survival maps, basing. Their effort on existing in a frozen wasteland sooner than the typical island. The Arctic adds a level of complexity to the game by severely restricting the number of resources at your order. Similar to other survival maps, dirt is a premium in Artic, and although designed buildings have different object containers. You’ll need every short of items in them to survive.

Coarse Sands

Coarse Sands in minecraft

NEXAREUS Coarse Sands placed you in a tremendous desert after a jet crash and simply require you to survive in this Minecraft world. Moreover, the contrast with Coarse Sands is that it provides you a thirst meter to control it, in appreciation to requiring you to relax at night or experience adverse side outcomes. Coarse Sands is also unprecedented in that example of its goal is to be protected if you last that deep.

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