Best Horror PPSSPP Games & PSP Horror Games

Horror ppsspp games – Let’s examine the different categories of games that are playable on PSP. We’ll discover that various games fall into categories like Action Games, Adventure Games, War Games, Racing Games, and many more.

Another class of PSP games worth playing is horror games or horror ppsspp games download. PSP Horror Games are also extremely enjoyable to play as well. Some of the titles are among the best games on the PPSSPP market and PSP horror games highly compressed.

If you’re still enjoying playing using your PSP, it’s not alone; It has a huge and varied collection of games that cater to every taste and includes some fantastic horror games. Here are the top PPSSPP horror games that you can download today. You might have to look for them, particularly when finding physical copies.


Top 15 Best Horror PPSSPP Games

The following list contains the 15 most and best psp games horrifying PSP Horror games you must consider playing on an Android device in 2022.

15. Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

Despite being a revered and well-loved horror series, Silent Hill has historically had problems with its quality.

Although Silent Hill 2 is an undisputed horror genre psp horror games romsmania classic that blends horror and tragedy in equal amounts, games such as Silent Hill 3 and Silent Hill Homecoming aren’t quite living with their promises.

Thankfully, those criticisms won’t be as severe as Silent Hill: Shattered Memories.

It’s a very slow-moving adventure, but its fantastic storytelling, engaging characters, and frightful encounters with enemies that revolve around fleeing instead of fighting are all convincing motives to give this game an opportunity.

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14. Obscure: The Aftermath

Obscure: The Aftermath, also known as Obscure II, is a horror PSP survival game. It was designed by Hydravision Entertainment and later published by Playlogic.

Playlogic released the Playstation Portable (PSP) version was released ppsspp survival games in the year 2009. If you are talking about scary survival horror games psp, this one can be considered an excellent illustration game horror psp.

The sound effects are sufficient to drive you to sense scared while relishing the horror game.

It all started with a new drug developed by a flower that is now expanding within a university. The virus distributed fast throughout the metropolis and ultimately across the absolute nation.

To stay alive, you’ll be required to kill people affected by the disease when they appear in ppsspp survival games.

The game features Morgenstern Bat, chainsaw, and shotgun as weapons. As you advance, the zombies get tougher to kill and a lot of them.

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13. The 3rd Birthday

Remember Parasite Eve? If you don’t, you shouldn’t have any problem when you’re planning to take on The 3rd Birthday. Although it’s an essential component of the Parasite Eve role-playing horror sequel.

The 3rd Birthday is also a flexible spinoff with solely a occasional traces of the circumstances of additional psp games horror. The player is Aya Brea, an investigator from the group CTI.

It’s your responsibility to clear your city of the raging monsters by doing what you can do, and that’s by killing them until they’re dead.

The fusion of RPG and horror elements may seem like it shouldn’t be a good idea, but The 3rd Birthday is an excellent time. It is paced well, even as the story gets a bit confusing.

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12. Corpse Party and sequels

The Corpse Party series is quite a scrap of a weird one. The authentic game sooner emerged on the PC-9801, the most famous computer in the Japanese PC gaming demand, for a prolonged time.

Nevertheless, it didn’t push it into the PSP until the year 2010, the year ppsspp games horror was completed public to the West as Corpse Party Blood Wrapped: …Reprised Anxiety. The Corpse Partie games are horror-themed linear RPGs focusing on party-building and monsters.

Since the game was made using the RPG Maker software suite, it’s not the most technically advanced, yet the Pixel Art style somehow creates a more terrifying experience than 3D full-colour graphics. You should share this sequel a try If you’re peeking for some PSP disconnected frightfulness game.

11. Manhunt 2

Search is a survival-based stealth game developed in collaboration with Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games. Personally, Manhunt 2 will go into the category of the most frightening PSSP game I’ve ever encountered.

Certain countries even decided to prohibit the game because of its violent and horrifying scenes.

If you’re not comfortable with the terror, you shouldn’t try to download this gruesome PSP game.

Cash, the main character, is granted freedom only if he completes the death mission. The mission leads him to fight various great gangs, both vicious and powerful.

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10. Silent Hill: Origins

Contrary to Silent Hill: Destroyed Memories, Origins is a more straightforward game of horror. It’s not a psychological experience and more of a visceral understanding that conveys back many parts of Silent Hill’s iconic monsters.

Silent Hill franchise’s iconic nightmares provide a unique sense to Travis Grady, the panic ride of his dash.

Like numerous Silent Hill games, you’ll switch between the world of the model and its dark underworld solving mysteries and battling off antagonists utilizing a combination of (often broken) javelins.

Roots won’t accumulate any recognition for originality, but the game will complete the assignment of pursuing a game that will frighten players on the PSP.

9. Hysteria Project 2

The general public often criticizes FMV games, but we cannot think of an explanation for why. Although they might appear stiff and poorly acted, the horror genre is a great FMV game.

That is the case with Hysteria Project 2, a somewhat under-played mobile game that made its way onto PSP. It’s a game for first-person players aiming to escape from an axe-wielding madman who will cut you to pieces when he spots you.

This is a fairly solid goal, as you can imagine. To accomplish it, you’ll need to make choices and solve puzzles to navigate your surroundings. Hysteria Project 2 isn’t a perfect game. However, it’s greatly enjoyable.

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8. The 9rd Birthday

The 9rd Birthday is a third-person shooter for third-person players developed by the company’s 1st Production Department and HexaDrive. The game was launched in 2010 through Square Enix.

Creatures known as Twisted have been attacking Manhattan and devastated the city. In response, the city is in ruins.

The Counter Twisted Investigation is formed to combat these evil creatures. Aya, the principal player in the game, is also a part of the group.

The intent is to eradicate these critters as you move through the play. The game features sophisticated weapons that players can utilize to take out opponents. Download the game here to play it.

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7. Hysteria Project

Hysteria Project is a 2009 survival frightfulness happening game. The game was conceived and launched by French Studio BulkyPix on PSP. PSP venue .
The PSP game exposes the story of a gentleman who, with a Hood, has been detected.

He is endeavoring to escape the man in a hood who has held him all the while. As he runs in the forest, he falls to the ground and is later taken by the ferocious man wearing a hood, who is holding an Axe.

The frightening and unappealing sculpture of the guy in the hood will maintain your sense of fidgeting via the best psp horror games.

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6. Dante’s Inferno

Dante’s Inferno was designed by Visceral Games and issued by Electronic Arts. The game came out in 2010 on PSP. PSP platform. Dante, the Templar knight of the Crusade, is discovered to have committed several heinous actions.

The story focuses on the struggle of Dante to save his love Beatrice who her father murdered during the battle of Florence. Dante, however, goes into hell to find Beatrice’s soul. Beatrice and save her Lucifer.

He is now fighting through the nine hellish circles to reach his goal. While on his quest, he comes across numerous terrifying creatures in hell, which he defeats. The game’s suspense and graphics are excellent, and the gameplay is definitely worth the test.

5. Resistance: Retribution

Another scary PPSSPP game that is on the list is Resistance Retribution. Resistance: Revenge is a third-person sharpshooter video match designed by Bend Studio. It was launched for PSP on March 17, 2009. PSP medium on March 17, 2009.

While playing the game, you’ll meet players whose infection has infected. The main character will be James Grayson, a British Royal Marine Lieutenant who is taken prisoner and brought before authorities from the British for a capital crime. He is later assisted in his release by Lieutenant Raine Bouchard.

Inside the prison, Grayson eventually agrees to collaborate with Bouchard and her dad in battling Chimera’s virus. The game features superweapons, such as 303 Storm Rifle, Advanced Auger-FS, IWAO Chaingun, Fareye FR-1, Auger WS and more that you can pick from to take on your adversaries.

4. Blood: The Last Vampire

Blood: The Last Vampire is a game of horror on PSP, and it’s a sport that revolves around Japanese scenes; the game is quite terrifying and features excellent graphics on PPSSPP, which can be downloaded to your Android device.

There are various scenes to play, and one of the advantages is that you can use cheat codes while playing the game for psp horror games reddit.

It’s one of the most enjoyable PPSSPP Horror Games, making the controls’ setup fairly simple, and you can modify the controls to meet the game’s playability. You’ll be capable of enjoying playing The Last Vampire on your Android smartphone as it does not require any heavy specifications.

3. Parasite Eve II

Parasite Eve II is a survival game available on PSP, and it’s undoubtedly among the top horror games available on PPSSPP; one aspect I love about the game is that it comes with various game modes.

You’ll encounter some game modes: Normal Mode, Replay Mode, Bounty Mode, Scavenger Mode, Nightmare Mode and a Modes Chart. All modes have their issues, but it’s a game that is extremely addictive and has a great storyline.

2. Infected

They were created in collaboration with Planet Moon Studios. Infected is an action-packed third-person shooter PSP life-saver. In this game, players play the role of an officer from the police force stationed in New York City.

The fundamental city is swiftly evolving infected. According to the contest, the player’s blood is the greatest treatment for the virus.

The player ppsspp horror multiplayer games has to take on infected human beings who become zombies while looking for someone who could create the cure with his blood.

1. Death Jr.

Death Jr. is a 2005 horror PPPSPP game developed through Backbone Entertainment, and Konami published Death Jr. The game tracks the experiences in the life of Death Jr, a young son of the Grim Reaper. Death Jr. likes obtaining into the situation at any school he observes.

The story will start for him on the day the museum he visited with his pal Pandora. When he arrives, a small box is discovered, which he appears to open.

After opening the box, the demons erupt from it and begin causing a plague. The man is now charged with bringing them back to their home realm.

How You Can Install PPSSPP Horror Games for Android

1. Follow these steps to install PPSSPP Horror Games on PSP Emulator for Android. Be sure to follow my steps with care and don’t skip a step:

2. Download and install Zarchiver Pro Apk.

3. Download the PPSSPP Gold emulator from the link, launch it, and then close it to create the PSP folder within the file manager automatically.

4. Then discover the folder where you downloaded the potential downloads folder for the ISO.

5. Transfer the downloaded terror game ISO file onto the SDCard, SDCard >> PSP >> GAME to have ease of access.

6. We’re almost done. Open your PPSSPP Gold Emulator app and search for your game (SD card > PSP > Game).

7. Tap the icon of the game you have installed to begin playing PPSSPP games using your Android device.


Wrapping Up

Based on your preference, If you want, you can download any PPSSPP horror games from the list of games that are horror. The games on my list are undoubtedly the most horrifying PlayStation Portable games that have ever been released.

Additionally, a download link was made for each game to make it easy and quick to download any game you like. We’d love to talk to you in the comment section below to hear more thoughts regarding this. Do not forget to share this.

FAQ On Horror PPSSPP Games

What is a terrifying horror mobile game?

“Unlucky Postman: Horror Quest in House of Grandpa.
Slendrina: The Cellar
Evil Nun: Horror in The School

What’s the most frightening horror game that you can play in 2022?

5 Sons of the Forest.
Ghostwrite Tokyo.
The Outlast Trials.
The Callisto Protocol.
Dying Light 2 Stay Human.

Who is the King of Horror games?

It’s no secret that the Resident Evil series has been an important game changer in the horror genre, at one time regarded as the king of games for horror. It’s been around the time we can remember.

What is the most multiplayer horror game on Mobile?

Best Multiplayer Horror Games For Android!
Horror Hunt: Until Daylight
Horrorfield multiplayer survival Horror Game
Horror Show – Scary Online Survival Game
Death Park: Scary Clown Survival Horror Game

Who thought of three terrifying games?

3 Scary Games is a series developed by Markiplier. This series features Markiplier playing three different horror games, which differ by length, graphic style, graphics and gameplay, among other things. Will play three randomly-chosen games at a time.

What is the number 1 scariest horror game?

1Silent Hill

What is the scariest horror mobile game?

8 Forgotten Memories.

What is the scariest horror game 2022?


What is the scariest video game right now?

Dead by Daylight

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