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Who is Ajju Bhai or Total Gaming?

Who is Ajju Bhai or Total Gaming?

Ajjubhai’s actual name is Ajay. He operates a youtube channel named total gaming. This YT channel has 28 million subscribers. He is one of the leading free-fire participants in India.
His YT channel includes free fire, GTA 5, Minecraft corresponding gaming content. Separated from this, he also uploads gaming content videos of new approaching games on ps5 and Computer or PC.

But he understood some dexterities in software areas which allowed him to see a position at a software firm. But his life evolved alive after he got accomplishment in his YouTube career as he must work both within precisely the identical time but once he announced that he is mulling resigning the job on his live stream on the youtube platform.

Following 10, he started his career in a software enterprise but his stamina brought a favor when he began his YouTube gaming channel in 2018. He started recreating Free Fire on his YouTube which achieved much more hit than his expectation despite this craze of PUBG Mobile from the nation was in the meeting.
Ajay is also known as Total Gaming is the 2nd Top Flight Creators of 2020 on YouTube on Free fire game.


all about Ajju Bhai Wiki/Biography

He raised his YouTube channel on 9 October 2018 and published his first gaming gameplay videos on 2 December 2018. Preferably, he operated Free Fire tricks, Garena Free Fire Redeem Code, and how to post ideas. Later, he started to do different kinds of challenges. He evolved remembered for his sharp sniping kills and defeated the AWM King tag.

Ajjubhai is known as AWM KING. Because of him, multiple gamers play free fire now. He is an extremely big YouTuber who has not shown his face till nowadays. The sensation of free fire was more undersized in India. But because of a great player like ajjubhai, The numeral of free-fire participants has grown. Today all free-fire players identify Ajay.

Ajju Bhai Phone Number and Email Id – All Facts About Ajju Bhai

  • Ajay was brought into the globe in Ahemdabad, Gujrat – India
  • Ajay contains a place from a class family and lives along with his begetter, mother, and a bit sib at Ahmedabad.
  • Ajay could be a twelve-category recognition dropout understudy by schooling but has insight within the product field and he to boot works in an exceeding product organization as a development coder.
  • Ajay is an associate knowledgeable development coder by the job.
  • Ajay got notable when his Free fireplace in progress interaction.
  • Ajju Bhai’s Youtube Channel’s Name is “Absolute Gaming” which has 20.5 Million Subs.
  • India’s most bought in recreation Channel is Total recreation,
  • Ajju Bhai for the foremost half plays GTA five, PUBG, and Garena Free fireplace on his YouTube channel.
  • Ajju Bhai could be a confirmative of Free fireplace player, as a result of his crazy killing talents, Ajju Bhai is otherwise known as AWM KING
  • The genuine name of Total recreation is Ajay.
  • In the Indian recreation Community, he’s called Ajju Bhai.

Details of Ajju Bhai Real Phone Number

Ajju Bhai Real NameAjay
Ajju Bhai Age 22
Ajju Bhai Phone Number 99249385xx
Ajju Bhai WhatsApp number70969009xx
Ajju Bhai Address320008 Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Ajju Bhai EducationDiploma / 12 Dropout

Biography of Ajju Bhai and Contact Details

Biography of Ajju Bhai and Contact Details

Ajay is from a middle-class household. His residence is in Ahmedabad. His dad and mom work as government employees. His mother and father helped Ajjubhai to open a gaming channel on youtube.

He is a Diploma in computer science and 12 Dropout. He began his gaming profession during his school daytimes. He formed playing games while he was in school. Then he formed creating videos on various games. .ajjubhai recreating free fire even nicely at that time.

He is presently 25 years old. Everyone believes that Ajay is failing in school. Individuals suppose that he has not learned since the 12th. Ajjubhai states in a Facebook live video that he opened his gaming channel in YT during his Diploma. also purchased a gaming pc at that time.

All About Ajju Bhai Career – Ajju Bhai Phone Number

Behind 10, he started his career in a development association yet his life brought a u-turn when he started his YouTube Gaming channel in 2018. He lit recreating Free Fire on his YouTube videos which got extensively more stunt than his hypothesis however the custom of PUBG Mobile in the country was at its prime.

He initiated two channels called Total Gaming and Total Gaming Live on Oct 9, 2018, and presently has more than 10 million and 3 million followers individually on it. He utilized to play Free Fire, Call OF Duty Mobile, BGMI, and GTA 5 on the live stream on youtube and Facebook as well.

Ajju Bhai Social Profiles

Ajju Bhai is currently active on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The links to all of Ajju Bhai’s social media accounts of his are listed below:

You TubeTotal Gaming

Ajjubhai home address and email id

Below we have provided ajjubhai’s bungalow address and email id. With the benefit of which you can talk to ajjubhai.

Ajjubhai Address320008 Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Ajjubhai email idajjibhai9494@gmail.com

Ajay still accomplishes the job. He does it on youtube as a part-time career. He includes not revealed his true face yet. He remarked the reason for this when he was live streaming with carryminati. He thinks that gentleman should do his employment peacefully. So he likes to do his job in peace. If he shows his face, his fans will arrive to encounter him. Due to this ajjubhai cannot go for a hike alone. He wants to be alone

Ajjubhai Facebook ID and Instagram ID– ajjubhai phone number

He holds 900k followers on Instagram only. He communicates his private life on Instagram, such as where he varied for a stroll today, what he purchased, what he is accomplishing now, etc. He has not uploaded his photo on Instagram regardless.

Ajju bhai’s Free Fire ID and Name

Ajju bhai’s Free Fire ID and Name

Complete Gaming Free Fire ID (UID) Digit is 451012596 and his In-Game Name is ‘Ajjubhai94’. This is his entire Free Fire A/C from which he employed to recreate on stream and multiple Freefire competitions. People also search about ajju bhai ka WhatsApp number, total gaming phone number,ajju bhai phone number photo ajju bhai and Amit bhai phone number every information is given above tables.

Lifetime Stats of Ajju bhai’s

Ajju Bhai has recreated an entirety of 8499 team game plays in which he conquered 2301 games with manages more additional than 30901. In squad games, his achieving rate is 27% with a KD Ratio of 3.63.

He has recreated a total of 1582 couple matches in which he vanquished 299 games with all-out kills more than 6192. In a couple of plays, his jubilant rate is 18.9% with a KD Ratio of 3.91

Ajjubhai phone number and Whatsapp number

If you like to have a chat with ajjubhai, you can contact the following number. Likewise here is the WhatsApp number in which you can Dm. but please don’t ask for Ajju Bhai’s phone number and Facebook password.

  • Total gaming phone number / Ajjubhai Phone number: 90249985xx
  • Total gaming Whatsapp number / Ajjubhai Whatsapp number: 70869039xx

Ajjubhai Net worth / Total gaming Net worth

Ajjubhai Net worth

He started his youtube gaming channel in 2018. Meanwhile pubg and free fire game were extremely famous. So he decided to play free fire. Because he did not hold a good device at that moment. While the free fire game operates on any Android device.

Another type of earnings is his web-based media accounts as more than 1.1 million Instagram followers on Instagram and 1.5 million supporters on Facebook. Advertising diverse gaming brands and additional stuff as supported placements through online media aided his gain.
Last but not the most undersized, the pay arrives from his job in a product institution where he utilized to work as a development programmer.

He has 28 million subs on his youtube gaming channel. He contains 1.5k number quality videos on his YT channel. There are 4 billion views on this total channel. According to him, ajjubhai makes monthly 10k to $ 15k through AdSense.
Ajjubhai also does a live stream on Yt and Facebook in which millions of focus viewers join. During this stream, his fans gift him with some shorts of revenue. Through which he also makes cash.

All about Ajju Bhai’s Family

Ajay has a residence from a simple working-class household and stay with his father, mom and a small sibling in Ahmedabad. A small group of 4 people, they utilized to live with joy and pleasure and are a ton of strong and understanding towards one another. Ajju Bhai’s life is too colonized in the glow of his organizational position and YouTube gamer occupation as he needs to handle both of these.

Ajju Bhai Relationships and Marital Status

As He is not married yet


What does Total Gaming do separate from Gaming?

He works as a social Hacker

What social media holds does total Gaming accounts?

He uses Instagram (@totalgaming_official), Facebook (@Total Gaming), and Youtube (Total Gaming).

What is the actual name of Total Gaming?

His real name is Ajay and He doesn’t like to reveal his last name.

What is the meaning behind your Game name AjjuBhai94 why its is not total gaming?

He got the title “Aiju Bhai” from the film Welcome Back.

What is his role in your competitive lineup?

He is a team proprietor and also acts as the 5th player on his team.

What did Total Gaming accomplish during his academy days?

He existed a satisfactory student and opted for Science as my topic for Higher Education.

Where does Total Gaming live?

In Gujarat.

Which is his famous Indian Free Fire point of all period?

He doesn’t own a favorite juncture as such. There is a new stunning in-game point nearly every month.

On what medium do you choose to play Free Fire?

He before used to recreate only on PC, but keep now moved to mobile version due to the competitive flank of the game.

What is Total Gaming’s Free Fire ID?

His FF ID is 451012596 and His IGN is ajjubhai94 one of the best players of free fire.

Where can I buy Total Gaming products?

He hasn’t established my products yet, but planning to do it in the future.

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